We still love you, Robbo!

Paul RobinsonWhat a disaster, England losing 2-0 to Croatia, but poor performances are becoming the norm for the England football team. The second goal conceded was extremely unlucky. I felt really bad for Robbo – who made some fantastic saves – when the ball hit the divot and he ‘air kicked’. Thankfully it’s back to Premiership business this weekend!

On ‘Gary Neville’s own goal’, Robbo said: “It’s one of those things – there was nothing I could do. I think the ball bobbled where their goalkeeper took his goal-kicks in the first half.

“I don’t think anything went for us. We controlled the game in the first half without causing much of a threat – we exploited them in wide areas in the first half. But we didn’t offer much tonight – we didn’t cause them too much trouble and were not much of an attacking force. But it is not going to damage us – there’s a long way to go in this group.”