Spurs in Crisis

Another lacklustre display resulted in a 1-1 draw at Goodison Park. Everton were down to ten men, and Harry Kane had converted from the spot. With 20 minutes left, this game should have been done, but no. Lucas Moura gets himself sent off in the 88th minute, and Everton equalised in the 90th. This set of events in this match is all too familiar and symbolises the state of the football club currently.

Off the pitch, things are currently a disaster. Everyone is aware of that explosive Antonio Conte press conference that eventually led to his demise, and now the club is stuck with his ghost in interim charge. The club doesn’t seem to be making any proactive movements to find a replacement currently, and with the way things are at present, who in their right mind would want the Tottenham job?

Two serial winners have failed to bring in any silverware. When you hire managers like Mourhino and Conte, the board has to give them the tools to do the required job. Daniel Levy has failed to do so on both occasions, and the club is now in dire straights in spite of all the high expectations at betting sites in the UK.

It would be an absolute miracle if Julian Naglesmaan were mad enough to take the helm at Spurs, and if he did, that decision might result in him being sectioned and taken away in a straight jacket. The problems at Tottenham are so apparent that Helen Keller (god rest her soul) would be more than aware of them if she was with us today.

After Pochettino, things went from bad to worse; there was a time when Pochettino stressed the importance of a painful rebuild. That never happened, then he was sacked. After Pochettino came, trophy magnet Jose Mourhino arrived at the club; once again, he wasn’t given the players required and was subsequently sacked six days before a cup final against Manchester City. Another baffling decision from Mr levy.

Ryan Mason took the helm for the remainder of the season, and the search for a new manager was possibly one of the biggest farces I have witnessed in all my time supporting Spurs. Months and Months passed, and the board panicked as they could not get the right candidate and hired Nuno Espirto Santo. Without going into too much detail about this horrific appointment, the man was sacked in November after a three-nil home defeat against Manchester United. The entire stadium, in unison, belted out, “You don’t know what you’re doing,” and that was that.

Then finally, could it be!? Some positivity? In an unbelievable turn of events, Mr levy had managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Antonio Conte arrived at the club with much fanfare, and there was a buzz around White Hart Lane (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium) again. The second half of the season saw Tottenham finish in the Champions League place,s and supporters could feel a palpable sense of hope in the air.

The summer transfer window was a real chance to push on. Anyone who knows Tottenham will tell you about the severe issues with the defense. The center-back position has been a massive problem for years; Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld have yet to be replaced.

I’m pretty sure they both left the club before the first moon landing, and still, nothing has been done to rectify this. Which begs the question, if Mr. Levy isn’t going to address this glaring issue, why is he hiring two managers known for playing defensive football?

Anyway, let’s fast forward to now; Conte is gone again, he didn’t get the required players like managers before him, and the circus continues. His assistant is still in charge, and the club is spiralling. The fans are furious.

Most supporters feel that Conte was Levy’s last chance to get it right. Now the club is in a situation where Harry Kane could be out the door this summer (regardless of a top 4 finish), and the board need to find a manager then can give the football club back some sort of identity. A long-term rebuild is now required, as is a clear plan and better recruitment.

First and foremost, the club needs to get back to playing a style of football that’s entertaining. Tottenham fans pay the highest season ticket prices in Europe. They deserve better than this.