What percentage of football matches are draws?

It is very easy for a game to two teams to play the game for more than an hour and still have nothing to show for it at the end of the ninety minutes. This occurs a lot of time though as a fan you will find that people rarely bet on it.

In some occasions, the opponent team could even have no plays or shots on target and your team be on their best form but still end the game in a draw. In some instances, the keeper could also go all out and you see him having the best game every with his team not being as strong and still end the game in a draw. People rarely bet on a draw but it is very possible.

What is a Draw in Football?

A draw in this instance is when two teams score the same number of goals at the end of the specified ninety minutes or do not score any goals at all, key word being ninety minutes. In betting, unless specified, the game results usually count up to the 90th minute.

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Draw vs Direct Win

A correct score is different from a draw in that when you bet on a correct score, you are more specific on how the game should end and will be paid in accordance to that. A draw is usually represented by the ‘x’ in the betting format 1X2.

In different football leagues, different teams mirror each differently on the pitch. Looking across the different leagues, you notice that it is very common for a match to finish in a 1-1 result. This being more common than any other result. Look at the 2016-17 season across all the leagues including the champions’ league as well.

The most popular league for people to bet on being the English premier league, you will see that though different score lines, many teams ended up drawing in their games. In that season alone, eighty four games ended in a tie of all the 380 games played.

This is a really high number, 1-1 having a high 38 games out of the 84. This is about 22% of the games played which can be attributed to one out of every five games played. If you are therefore looking to place a multi-bet of about 10 or 15 games in the premier league, it is therefore wise to consider that 2 or 3 of those games will end in a draw. It is not as simple as it sound since a lot of factors and stats determine a game’s outcome, but it is still very important to note this point.

When you drop down a division to the championship, the teams are not as good as those in the premier league. You can see from the stats if this has a significant impact on the game results. Having 552 games to play, the championship has more games to play then the premier.

Highest Number of Draws in a Season

 In the 2016-17 season, there were one hundred and thirty draws which equates to 23.55% of the matches played. The statistics are still close to those of the premier league having about 1 out of 4 games ending in a draw compared to the premier league’s one of five.

Over to the German side of England in the Bundesliga, there were 74 out of the 360 games played ended in a draw. The league had fewer games played in that season but still very similar to the premier league. The most common being a 1-1 draw having 37 of the 74. This is 24.1% of the games played a ratio of one of every four games played.

You will hear a lot of people saying that Spain is a country that adores attacking football giving you the notion that the number of draws that would occur in the la liga would be significantly lower than other leagues.

However, 89 out of the 380 games played ended in a draw, this league and the premier league having the same number of 0-0 draws in that season. For a nation that loves 23.4% of their matches ended in a draw, which is just a little over England’s 22%.

Draws in French and Italian Leagues

Over to France in the Ligue 1, which features the same number of teams as both la liga and the premier league the figures don’t seem to change much. In as much as this league lacks the reputation of this other teams and produced a lower number of terms to compete globally, there were only 10 more draws as compared to the premier league.

 This equates to 24.7% of all the games played 49 of the 94 ending in a 1-1 draw. It is worth noting that this is the closest to one of every four games ending with both teams taking a point home as compared to any other league. Remember this when placing a bet on France league matches.

Italy being famous for their defending football than any other league would mean that a lot of games are expected to end in a 0-0 result. In this campaign however, 1-1 draw registered a high 41 games out of the 80 draws in the league.

The league played 380 games with the number of 0-0 draws being exactly the same as those of the premier league and the Spanish la liga. Serie A had a 21.05% on draws which is lower than all the other leagues. Even though their stereotype is defensive football, statistics show that betting on a draw without consideration could be really wrong in this league.

The FA and Champions League

Looking at statistics from the FA cup and the Champions’ league where teams need a win to proceed, you will notice the difference, counting only up to the regular game time, 90 minutes of play.

In the FA cup matches, though devalued as the years go by, every team still wants to win it maybe just for bragging rights. In the 2016-17 season, from the first round all through to the final, it featured 160 matches, 44 of them ending in draws. This is a high 28.2% of the games played.

In the champions’ league, which features the elites of Europe, a 49.6% of the games played end without a winner. Due to the away goal rule, teams don’t necessarily need to win in order to proceed. This is an interesting fact to look at.