Tottenham Have No Time To Dwell On Poor Start

If you were to summarise the first few weeks of this season, you would have to say that Tottenham have blown both hot and cold. With that said, it has certainly been more of the latter – especially when you consider the embarrassment of losing to Colchester United in the Carabao Cup, the 7-2 defeat to Bayern and Saturday’s 3-0 defeat to Brighton.

The exit from the Carabao Cup competition and at such an early stage, is one that has only added to the frustration that is currently circulating within the club and this was highlighted in Ben Davies’ recent apology to Spurs fans.

However, as raw as an early cup exit feels, there is still time to salvage this season and with a more favourable run of fixtures on the horizon, this should be the Autumn spell in which Tottenham find their feet.

Admittedly this has not been the usual swashbuckling Tottenham that we’ve seen in recent weeks but when you consider the talent that Mauricio Pochettino can call upon, then a raft of impressive performances should be just around the corner.

There’s no point dwelling on defeat to League Two Colchester, what’s done is done. Now it is time for everyone to get back on the same page and for the players to find the ignition spark that has perhaps been missing thus far. Keep the faith, as this season has now only just begun.