The Top Five Celebrity Spurs Fans

Bob Marley

Every club has them, the celebrity fans who endorse the club and joke about it in equal measure, but some clubs have more ‘famous fans’ than others.

So, can Tottenham join the roster of clubs with A-list support or make do with Z-list stars rather embarrassingly claiming allegiance?

Let’s find out as we hunt down Tottenham’s five most famous celebrity fans.


When not writing outstandingly depressing yet catchy songs, singer Adele can be found supporting the Lilywhites from one of her luxurious pads.

Hailing from the Seven Sisters, it stands to reason that Adele came to support Spurs and has been known to fly the Tottenham flag on stage at her gigs.

The 30-year-old multi-multi million global record seller may not get to see Tottenham as much as she would like but she did make to Wembley for the 2015 League Cup final which Spurs lost 2-0 to Chelsea.

Sir Alan Sugar

These days Alan Sugar is more famous for pointing his fingered and saying the catchphrase ‘Your Fired’ as the star of the hit BBC show The Apprentice.

However, as you are no doubt aware, Lord Sugar was also the owner of Tottenham from 1991 to 2000.

Despite being somewhat unpopular during his reign at the Liliywhites (especially after sacking Terry Venables), Sugar remains a staunch Spurs fan to this day even if one of his advisors on the Apprentice Karen Brady sits on the board of rivals West Ham United.

Bob Marley

Perhaps a little loose this one but at least being able to claim the late great Bob Marley as a Spurs fan is worth mentioning and worth arguing over in the pub.

It turns out that Marley was a huge fan of Ossie Ardiles and when the Argentine was playing for Spurs reportedly asked his management to get hold of a Tottenham Ardiles shirt.

We’ll take that as confirmation that Marley was an ardent Spurs fan.

Phil Collins

The iconic Genesis drummer is one of the more long-time famous celebrity Spurs fans after hailing from Chiswick in Middlesex and going to game as a youngster.

Charles Bronson

The word celebrity is debatable, however, if the word is used solely to describe someone who is known to the mass public then Bronson has a case.

The man is known as the ‘most violent prisoner in Britain’ but also happens to be a Spurs fan.

Well, I suppose better to have him on your side than against it I suppose.