The keys to the second half of the Spurs’ season

Tottenham’s season so far has had its ups and downs. Even if the current position in the table is advantageous for the coming weeks of play, the season still very much hangs in the balance. 

In this text we’re going to be discussing three key elements for making sure that the Tottenham season is one to look back on without requiring deep sighs from all Spurs faithful. Regardless of whether you have some long term bets locked in or if you’re looking to get into valuebetting, there are plenty of things that need to click.

Harry Kane staying hot 

Harry Kane had a rough end to his World Cup, but will no doubt be able to shake that off and leave it behind him. As rough as it is to miss a penalty when he did, he is a professional through and through. The question is not if his confidence will be there, but rather if he will be able to stay in his current shape. With a little more than half the season he is on pace to score around as many goals as he usually does, something that is gravely needed. 

Getting into the top 4 and staying there

Despite how much it pains to admit it to a Spurs fan, Arsenal are currently very likely to take home the premiership. They are being chased by Man City who also look more or less unstoppable, but the question is where Tottenham will manage to end up at the end of the season. 

Apart from beating Arsenal in the coming derbies, Tottenham needs to focus on their own season as best they can. Currently the goal should be to do everything to get into the Champions League group stage by ending the season in fourth place or higher. The best possible scenario would be if Spurs manage to make it into the top 4 and start to cement themselves up there, building a gap to the rest of the field. But getting into the top 4 as early as possible is going to be massive for the finishing stretch of the season. 

The Champions League 

The fact of the matter is that any season that ends beneath Arsenal is a season that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. But one way to make up for this would be to make a really deep run in the Champions League. Even if the draw for the round of 16 didn’t produce the easiest opponents in the form of AC Milan, Tottenham have every chance in the world to challenge the Rossoneri.