Support Paul Robinson!

Paul RobinsonThere’s a lot of talk regarding Paul Robinson’s peformances asking whether he should be dropped by Martin Jol. My take on it is that he’s been unlucky.

Admittedly, he did make a blunder against Aston Villa when he dropped the ball from a cross, but I think otherwise people are being harsh on him.

Even yesterday people are blaming him for the first goal conceded at Liverpool. First of all the free-kick came through the wall, which it shouldn’t do. Secondly, the shot was deflected off Jermaine Jenas. I think usually a ‘keeper will do their best to block the shot, which he did, it was just unfortunate that Liverpool striker Andriy Voronin got to the ball before our defenders did and scored.

I think Spurs manager Martin Jol has two options, he can either keep Robsinon in the team or drop him. I don’t think it’ll do the ‘keeper any good dropping him, I think Robinson just needs to see this spell out and get through it. He’s a not bad ‘keeper, and it’s just a matter of time before all this negativity goes away.

There’s even talk that Robinson will be dropped by England and replaced by David James. This is a ‘keeper who already has a nickname of ‘Calamity James’!

I hope people keep faith with Robbo and support him, as all ‘keepers make mistakes at times in there career.