As the whistle blew on Monday night I think every spurs fan in the country was elated. Arsenal had lost. Newcastle United had produced a swashbuckling performance and St James’ Park, and had blew The Gunners away, all Tottenham need to do now is get a result away at Norwich on Sunday, a simple enough task in theory. A win or a draw against the worst side in the league and Champions league qualification is sealed, but Tottenham fans have been here before.

Everyone will remember ‘Lasagne Gate’ on the last day at West Ham in 2006, or the 5-1 implosion against a Newcastle side that were down to 10 men on the last day in 2016. Tottenham always seem to find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The term Spursy was coined for this very reason much to the fan-bases chagrin of course, but there is some truth to it. An inability to make it count when it matters. The evidence is there, we’ve all seen it, and subsequently (if you’re a Tottenham fan Like myself) felt the crushing disappointment that follows.

As Tottenham turn their heads to Norwich on Sunday you wouldn’t be a proper Tottenham fan if those niggling doubts weren’t present. The difference this time is Spurs have Antonio Conte, a serial winner. His mentality maybe what finally gets spurs over the line this time, it could be argued that Tottenham over the last few years have had the players to achieve success but there has been a mental weakness that has stopped them reaching the promised land.

Conte is an elite level manager, the enigmatic Italian has brought with him an air of excitement to the club, and the hope that Spurs can finally kick on and achieve bigger things. He Inherited a team that were floundering in 9th place and are now one game away from qualification to football’s biggest Club competition. The recruitment in the summer transfer window overall was sub par, and the signings were brought in for the previous manager (Nuno Espirito Santo) whom at this stage of his career had bitten off far more than he could chew with the Tottenham job.

Sunday really is do or die for Tottenham, if they do the job then the summer will look very different. The calibre of player you can attract is undeniably better with champions league football locked away for the following season. If Daniel Levy backs the manager and the promise of champions league football is present, with Antonio Conte at the helm it could be the start of something wonderful at Tottenham Hotspur.

First though Tottenham have to get through Sunday, that’s the first step of this journey. Whilst we are favourites to secure UCL football if the odds from bookies with the best bookmaker bonuses are to be believed; if Spurs don’t Spurs it up then maybe this season is the catalyst to greater things for the club. I personally will be spending my Sunday hiding behind my sofa gripping the cushions tightly and hoping and praying for a result. I know many of you will be doing the same.