Spurs won’t prevent Berbatov departure

It looks like that if striker Dimitar Berbatov wants to leave, he can, and rightly so.

Manager Juande Ramos said: “I believe you can’t force players to stay in the team if they don’t want to.

“It’s not good for the team or player, so I wouldn’t stand in anyone’s way.”

He added: “I think Berbatov is happy, but that is a question you need to ask him.

“He is a Spurs player and he needs to help and support the team.”

If this is the beginnings of the Bulgarian’s exit from Spurs, then I’ve no complaints, as if he wants to go, then he can go. We have Bent, Defoe and Keane to choose from, and can always bring another striker in.

Of course, it will be a loss if Berbatov goes, but let’s face it, his performances are no way near as good as last season, so if he is unsettled, the sooner he goes the better.