Spurs set to sign Cardiff City youngster?

Spurs’ first signing of the transfer window could be Cardiff City full-back Chris Gunter. If the move goes through the Welsh international will reportedly join in a £3million deal.

Cardiff chairman Peter Ridsdale said: “In our situation as a Championship football club, we have to consider anything of this magnitude.

“Chris has indicated he wants to talk to them and we have given permission.”

He continued: “I think with the price itself we would have had to consider it no matter what the situation was financially.

“Clearly given the challenge we’ve had with [creditors] Langston, it’s made the financial security of the club more acute that we do look at this sort of transfer.

“But if Chris had said he wasn’t interested in going, we wouldn’t have sold him.”

Yesterday the Welsh club had said in a statement on their official website the following.

“We can officially confirm that Chris Gunter is in talks with Tottenham Hotspur over a potential move in January.

“We had received a number of offers from Tottenham concerning Chris. When the figure reached our valuation of the player on Thursday night we then spoke to Chris to inform him of their interest. Chris then agreed to meet with Tottenham with a view to a permanent move to the London Club.”