Spurs Predictions For The Premier League Season

After the release of Tottenham’s fixtures for the soon-to-start Premier League 2022/23, Spurs will be battling with Southampton, Chelsea, and Wolves as their season openers. In the last Premier League season, Tottenham grabbed the fourth position after handing Arsenal their biggest Premier League defeat that took a long time coming. Antonio Conte was impressed by the 3-0 triumph, which has helped ignite the fire to adding more players to the team for the coming season.

Ivan Perisic and Fraser Forster are among the free transfers that have joined Antonio Conte’s side for the Premier League. The transfer deal for Yves Bissouma, which is still in progress, might make Spurs a stronger team for the coming season. With the official fixtures announced by the Premier League on June 16, 2022, for the next season, Spurs have a wild start with some of their strong rivalries. Tottenham will be facing Chelsea for what is said to be a hot match on August 13. On the other hand, a battle against Arsenal, Spurs rivals will be happening on October 1, 2022.

This is for sure going to be a mixed start for Spurs. The question is, how will Spurs perform this coming season with the given fixtures? What will their final results be? Will the club manage to win the Premier League title, and will they beat their opponents as much as these following season predictions are concerned? Well, while looking at the best new online casinos, here are compiled predictions for Spurs in the coming Premier League season, 2022/23.

Spurs Predictions For the Opening Game

Spurs match battle against Southampton is set to take place on Saturday, August 6, 2022. Spurs will be looking to fight off Southampton at home during their opening match of the Premier League season. However, their efforts might bring them only one goal from Rodrigo Bentancur, while Southampton will be walking away with a score of two goals from Marko Livaja and Ibrahima Diallo. This means that the Saints will find a winner during the match’s first half putting them three points ahead for an away match.

Spurs Vs. Everton Predictions

The match between Spurs and Everton will be on Saturday, April 1, 2023. This is said to be one of the biggest wins the Spurs will have for the next season, with a score of three goals from Ivan Perisic, Lucas Moura, and Harry Kane. The win of 3-0 over Everton is among the biggest scoreline that Spurs will have in the Premier League. Other wins will come against Fulham, Leeds, Brentford, and West Ham United.

Shock Of The Season for Spurs

The match between Brentford and Spurs is going to be a shocker for Spurs. The game is planned to happen on Monday, December 26, 2022. Based on the fixtures, Brentford will be among the bottom three lists without so much hope of anything exciting coming from the club. Entering the game against Spurs with a five-game losing streak, Brentford will prove everyone wrong by defeating Spurs with a score of 1-0.

With Spurs struggling against Brentford in the first game right after the end of the World Cup, Brentford will do their magic by scoring one goal from Bryan Mbeumo.

Spurs Losing One And Drawing One Against Arsenal

Lucas Moura will help the Spurs win one and draw one against the Gunners. This will happen early in October during a match between the Spurs and the Gunners. However, the club winning and drawing goals against Arsenal will come after so much struggle of Spurs trying to find a win against their rivals, the Gunners. That said, given the reverse fixture in January, the Gunners will strive to win at least 2-1 against Spurs while on Spurs soil. Takehiro Tomiyasu, the Japanese professional football player, will score a goal for the Gunners, securing three points.

Final Match Predictions For The Spurs

Sunday, May 28, 2023, will be the Spurs’ final game for the Premier League 2022/23 season. Spurs will be battling against Leeds United. The final match against Leeds will be entertaining and thrilling with Spurs winning against Leeds United with a  score of 3 goals; one score from Lucas Moura and two scores from Harry Kane. On the flip side, Leeds will end the match with a score of two goals from Patrick Bamford.

After the thirty-eight Premier League games, Spurs’ performance will determine if they win the League’s 2022/23 championship. Will the club take home the crown, or will it remain on the top four favorites list?

Final Standings For Spurs In the 2022/23 Premier League

The ending of the season will have Spurs grabbing third place in the Premier League. Spurs will move one number higher compared to the last League season, where they were in fourth place. Based on the predictions, Spurs will manage to get ten points more than last season, thus standing at 81 points in the 2022/23 Premier League season. It might be tricky for Spurs to take home the championship, but the club could impressively improve on this new season compared to last season.