Spurs for life

“Being a Spurs fan as a boy and a player for so many years, it would be hard to sign for Arsenal. I don’t think the fans here would ever forgive me.”

Words from non-other than Sol Campbell. Perhaps someone should have reminded him of saying that before complaining of ‘verbal abuse’ from “some people may be a little bit disgruntled at how I left certain clubs.”

I do agree that ‘verbal abuse’ towards Campbell at matches should only go so far, however, if he expects Spurs fans to be silenced, then I totally disagree. After all, this is the man that once said that his ‘heart and soul’ was at Spurs.

I doubt Sol Campbell will ever realise the magnitude of his deception in the months leading up to his transfer to Arsenal, but for Spurs fans, we will always remember our former club captain as ‘Judas’.