Robinson relieved to be out of Spurs

Former Spurs ‘keeper Paul Robinson has admitted that he’s relieved to have left White Hart Lane to join Blackburn Rovers.

Robinson said: “Not long after Ramos came in, he made his thoughts quite clear to everyone.

“It is a relief to be out of there now and nice to be wanted again.

“When you’re having a dip in form, you want the people around you to believe in you and back you.

“I feel I can be England’s No1 again. I’m 28 and have 42 caps already. The best years of my career are ahead of me. There is no reason why I can’t add to that.

“Tottenham is in the past. I’m looking to the future and the challenge ahead of me for club and country.

“Do I have something to prove? Definitely, 100 per cent. It has been a difficult six months.

“I have a bit of hunger back, which maybe I’ve missed the last couple of years.

“I know what I can do and I want to do myself justice. I’ve had a rough ride for six months but I have never doubted my ability.”

He added: “I had four years at Spurs, 3½ very happy. The most disappointing moment was being left out of the semi-final against Arsenal. You want to play in those big games.”