Return Home Could Prove To Be A Timely Boost

After what has seemed like an agonising wait, the highly anticipated return home for Tottenham is now just weeks away and although it is only bricks and mortar, there is no doubting just how important this stadium completion could be.

That’s because with the battle for a top four finish now intensifying further, playing in front of a raucous crowd at a number of housewarming parties between now and May could well be the shot in the arm that the club needs.

Performances have been indifferent as of late, with the only real highlight being the win away in Dortmund – one that sees us enter the Champions League Quarter-finals and five matches from winning this season’s edition of the competition.

While recently earning just one point from a possible twelve has asked serious questions as to whether or not this Tottenham side is showing fatigue and more importantly at the very worst time in which to do so.

Therefore, a little pick me up is needed and it is one that comes in a move away from Wembley and although it hasn’t been the worst temporary home, there general consensus is that we’ve certainly outstayed our welcome.

With a set of home fixtures that are more than winnable, it means that the club should be confident of rolling over a group of mid-table clubs in their new surroundings and in turn pick up some crucial victories along the way.

The other three clubs who are in the race for the top four may well have found a new confidence due to Tottenham’s ailing form, but it looks as if Mauricio Pochettino might still have an ace up his sleeve. An ace that will play host to 60,000 plus fans on any given weekend.