Pochettino to Chelsea Rumours Gather Pace

Rumours are something to be taken with a pinch of salt but sometimes they end up being right.

However, the case of Pochettino to Chelsea is hopefully one that can be snuffed out quickly amid rumours that the Blues will make a bid for the Tottenham boss regardless of the outcome of the two sides clash at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Reports suggest that Poch is high on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s list of managers as it has become increasingly clear that current head coach Antonio Conte’s days are numbered in West London.

Numerous rants about squad depth and league form has all but confirmed Conte’s exit with the Italian hot property across Europe with a number of top clubs including PSG rumoured to be interested in the former Juventus man.

One source suggested there was however just a 5% chance of the Spurs man heading across the capital to replace Conte, but stranger things have happened in football.

Would Pochettino go?

On the face of it, it would seem mad for Poch to swap London clubs, especially as the former Southampton man is in the midst of creating Tottenham’s most successful period in the Premier League era.

Chelsea are also having a number of issues and look set to miss out on the Champions League even though the thought is that most of it is down to Conte’s own doing and a change of manager would reverse their fortune.

Another reason why perhaps 5% should be closer to 1% is that Mauricio often talks about his ‘project’ with Spurs and there appears to be a certain loyalty between both Daniel Levy and the man in charge of the players.

However, money talks and surely this could be the only reason Poch would leave the Lilywhites.

Compared to their rivals, Spurs run a very tight financial ship and if it turns out that money is Mauricio’s motivation, then Tottenham could be in trouble as Chelsea can afford pretty much what they like and will pay to get their man.

Come the end of the season, this will most likely be a nothing story and nothing more than a report on a few wild rumours that have been set in motion to upset the applecart between two rivals vying for a Champions League spot.

However, if it turns out to be true, just remember you read it here first.