Pavlyuchenko: England move would be big problem

The Russian Teddy Sheringham, Roman Pavlyuchenko, has revealed that moving from Spartak Moscow to Spurs could be problematic.

Pavlyuchenko said: “The transfer to England which everyone is talking about would be a big problem for my family as we have a young child.

“We need to discuss it properly but I can’t say anything concrete since I don’t really know myself what’s going on.

“Everything is still being discussed. Maybe Spartak have already made a decision but I haven’t decided one way or the other.”

On moving to England without countryman Andrei Arshavin, he said: “I don’t know because I have never been at a foreign club. You need to try something first in order to know.

“On the one hand, it’s easier as a pair. But on the other, being alone forces you to get used to new conditions quicker – both language and life.

“Everything will depend on what kind of offer will be made to the club and to me. My move to a top club would definitely reflect well on the image of Spartak.

“I will see what the offer is first and then bring the whole process to a conclusion.”