Opposition Quiz: 7 questions about tonight’s Spurs v United match-up

In anticipation to tonight’s match, we caught up with Dale O’Donnell who runs Stretty News to ask him about all things Spurs v United.

1) First of all, what sort of shape is your United looking in after this extended break?

“It’s hard to know. The coaches seem happy with the shape our players are in but we can’t really say until we see them after a few games. It’s a huge boost having Marcus Rashford back fit and I can only hope Paul Pogba comes back with a bang.”

2) Do you think Pogba will have a big impact for the final stretch of games, and how do you see him working with Bruno Fernandes?

“Pogba can be one of the best midfielders in the world. If he’s up for it and wants to fight for his team-mates, he’ll have a big impact along with Bruno Fernandes. I look at how Man City operate with Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva in the same midfield and dream of a formidable partnership. Together they will frighten teams.”

3) As an opposition fan, who do you most fear on our Spurs team?

“Son, always Son.”

4) Who do you least fear/where are we vulnerable?

Defensively you look weak and we’ve so many target men in the squad again, so I just don’t see how José Mourinho can contain them all and not open up space in behind. You seen him do this whenever we played Chelsea and he was in charge. Ander Herrera would follow Eden Hazard around like a bad smell. On Friday, he was Rashford, Fernandes, Martial and potentially Pogba to worry about!

5) Where do you anticipate both sides will finish in the league at the end of the season?

“United 4th. Spurs way off.”

6) Prediction for the match?

“Spurs 0-2 Manchester United.”

7) How long do you think your old manager will be in the hot seat at Spurs?

“Not very long. Let’s talk again in 12 months!”