Opposition Opinion: Leicester City V Spurs

This week in our regular opposition opinion feature, we chat to Chris who runs Foxes fan site Leicester Till I Die – after their narrow defeat to United last weekend, let’s see if he believes his side can get back on track at home to Spurs on Saturday.

What do you make of Spurs’ start to the season so far?

You have taken over our 3rd place spot and so far have the same amount of points having won two, drawn two and lost one. I’m guessing you guys are disappointed, but Spurs really need to win something this season or forever be known as the bridesmaid not the bride I’m afraid.

And how about Leicester’s?

Up until the Man Utd game we were unbeaten so all things considered we can’t complain at losing 1 in 5 (but of course I still will).

We shouldn’t have lost to Man Utd; dodgy penalty, dodgy ref, you know the score! But seriously, overall we’ve had a great start.

How happy are you with James Maddison, do you think there’s any danger of losing him next summer?

We should remember we are only five games into only his second season in The Premier League but as with all quality players you expect them to perform miracles every week. How do you feel if Kane fails to score 1 game? So overall I am more than happy with him.

There is always a danger of losing players, but we have shown in the past 2 seasons that if you want a player from leicester who is under contract and we don’t want to lose him, you are going to have to come up with the money. £60m for Mahrez and £85m for Maguire – need I say more?

It could of course also depend on whether we get European football or not.

Where do you think both Spurs and Leicester will finish in the EPL this year?

Spurs, all things being equal will probably finish in their normal third place, and I’m hoping Leicester can finish 6th.

Predictions for the match?

I never predict a loss for Leicester, but on form this should be our toughest game so far, so I’m going to go for a 1-1 draw.