Not happy

I can’t say I’m too happy with the way things are going at Spurs. So far this year the only teams we’ve beaten are Championship teams (Cardiff City and Southend United).

For the first time last week I began to seriously question whether a change in manager is needed. Sure we got beat by Manchester United, but to get beat 4-0 at home by any team is totally unacceptable.

I have no problems at all with Martin Jol, I think he’s a good manager, but perhaps it’s time for change, as the team have become stale.

I believe we have some very good players. Sure, there’s a few who should have been sold during the transfer window, but overall the team should be performing to a much higher standard and definitely be getting better results.

Of course, if Martin Jol goes then who should replace him? I have no idea. I saw Claudio Ranieri’s name mentioned recently, whether he’d be the right man I don’t know. Let’s just hope things improve quick, as otherwise we’ll be fighting against relegation.