Manchester United to make silly Berbatov bid?

The Sun newspaper are reporting that Manchester United are preparing a bid of £27.5m in cash and striker Louis Saha for Dimitar Berbatov.

If there is any truth to it, only time will tell. But it looks like we’re set for a summer of speculation surrounding the Bulgarian.

If they do make that offer, then I hope it is rejected. First of all, Saha has been injured quite a lot recently, and added to that, if a world class player leaves we want a world class player in return, not some injury prone reserve player.

Secondly, the Chairman Daniel Levy said we aren’t a selling club, so what’s the point of selling? There isn’t unless it is an absolutely stupid bid that only fools would make.

The only other reason I can think of is if Berbatov is brainwashed by United and all the gossip. Let’s face it, it could happen, after all they have Champions League football.

I don’t believe any player is bigger than the club, but I do believe if he does leave it would hamper our progress – much like Michael Carrick’s departure did last summer.

The newspaper writes that United could offer an ‘incredible’ £39m and say Saha is worth £11.5m. He’s 28 and suffering injuries, so that’s an inaccurate valuation. I’d say he’s worth around £5m, meaning a deal would be worth £32.5m. If United are serious, they should talk cash only from £40m upwards. As if they want him, they will have to pay ridiculous money, it’s as simple as that!