King slams retirement rumours

Ledley KingSpurs defender Ledley King has slammed the speculation that claimed his career was over.

Ledley told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “When I first heard the rumours, it wasn’t funny in the least.

“I wouldn’t say it made me hurt, but it made me think about what was happening.

“I was never worried about my career and never felt my career was going to be threatened in any way.

“But I was aware that these stories were going around. I heard it from people in the streets, friends even asked me and I heard from everywhere.

“People were stopping me in the street and asking me whether my career was over. People were beginning to believe it.

“I’ve had my fair share of injuries but I don’t think they’ve ever been bad enough for people to believe it was all over.

“It was another ridiculous story circulating that gets out of control.”

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