Jol stays for now?

Juande RamosSo after all the media hype surrounding Martin Jol’s position as manager at Spurs, the club release a statement saying he’s safe for now, but has to deliver success, or else.

All that is fair enough, however, with Sevilla manager Juande Ramos revealing that he’s been made an “excellent, dizzying offer,” it makes you wonder if the club are already making plans to replace Jol.

They have said in a statement on their official website: “The Club wishes to make it clear and unequivocal that no individual was or has been offered the position of manager/coach at this Club whilst that position has been held by Martin Jol. It is wholly inaccurate and inappropriate to suggest otherwise.”

Who do you believe? A 52-year-old Spaniard or the club you have been a fan of for many years?

Now I would like the managerial team and players to concentrate on the games ahead. Somehow I don’t that’s going to happen, especially with Paul Robinson being outspoken in the press today.

He said: “When you see how far Martin Jol has taken the club, to then go behind his back to obviously seek other options is very disappointing.”

There’s enough negative talk in the media and it certainly doesn’t help when your own players add fuel to the fire. Therefore I hope Mr. Robinson is given a talking to on club etiquette.

I think the way things stand Martin won’t be at the club beyond next summer. He has already been linked with the Dutch national job after Euro 2008.

It’s a shame how things have worked out, as he has probably been our best manager for many many years.