Jol slams Mido comments

MidoTottenham Hotspur manager Martin Jol has slammed striker Mido for saying ex-Spurs and Arsenal defender Sol Campbell was one of the easiest defenders he had played against.

Jol said: “I have told him to let his football do the talking in the future.”

He added “Given the feelings that still run high about Sol among our supporters, Mido’s comments were not only disrespectful, they were also irresponsible.”

It seems Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp will use the comments to motivate his team.

Redknapp said: “Those comments will embarrass every footballer in the game as we don’t talk like that about fellow pros.

“I’m sure his manager at Tottenham will also be embarrassed when he reads those remarks as it shows Mido has no real feeling for the game over here.

“One thing is for certain, I won’t have to say too much to my lads in the dressing room at Tottenham.

“I’ll just stick a newspaper cutting up on the wall and that will do for me.”

Fact is Sol Campbell can look very shaky at White Hart Lane, especially as his every touch will be booed by the home crowd. So this will not only add pressure on the 31-year-old, it will also mean Mido will have extra pressure on himself to make sure he performs as well. I just hope the pair don’t get embroiled in a contest that gets out of hand.