Jamie O’Hara

Admittedly, on my mind at the moment is what moves Spurs are going to make in the transfer market. One player’s possible exit I meant to write about previously was Jamie O’Hara. The 23-year-old midfielder spent the whole of last season on loan with Portsmouth.

Back before Spurs’ semi-final game with Portsmouth, O’Hara, who was unable to play against Spurs for Portsmouth said the following on Twitter, “Come on lads get us to the final so I can have third time lucky at wembley,”

O’Hara was still a Spurs player when he wrote that, and to say that publicly was very much an own goal. How did he think Spurs fans would react to a player wanting their club to lose? Crazy. If he had said that privately, fair enough, however saying it publicly, isn’t very wise, and to top that off, O’Hara claims to be a Spurs fan.

He said in another tweet: “Ill always be a spurs fan so anyone who thinks I’m out of order are eggs, I’m at pompey so I want them in the final end of story”

Any fan wanting their team to lose, well, isn’t a fan. He did say in a reply to those who questioned him saying, “what u want me to be like, I’m a lifelong spurs fan but any mans dream is to play at wembley ud be the same”.

I know I wouldn’t, and I have a feeling a lot of people will feel the same.

I really do think O’Hara should have done the obvious thing and kept his mouth shut, however he chose to act in a way that he knew Spurs fans wouldn’t like. Whether he was trying to orchestrate a move away, who knows, although I think it’s clear he’d never be a regular first-team player at Spurs, as he simply isn’t good enough. So I for one hope he’ll be leaving this summer.