How to Bet on Live EPL Games


Live betting, or in other words, in-game, or in-play betting, is a form of placing bets that allows bettors to make wagers after a game has started. So, a gamer can bet on a multitude of happenings at any time during the game. That means no statistics needed because a bettor is within the action. With live betting, you are part of the game.

How Live Betting Works

The online bookmakers have defined odds on every particular EPL match before it starts. For instance, Betway keeps up with live games in EPL while also availing generous odds to the gamblers. The odds change with the statistics of the match. A team may have great odds at the beginning of a game, but if the opponent team starts leading in the middle of the game, the odds flip in favor of the leading team. That does not mean that the favorite team does not have a chance to win when you bet on live EPL games. The winning possibilities are limited, and it means that if you bet on the leading group during the match, you have the advantage of better odds than placing a bet before the game commences.

Prop Bets

Every choice of your prop bets is inclusive when it comes to in-game wagering, that is, if the sportsbooks you use have the technology to keep up with the live betting speed. These bets include touchdowns, goals a given player will score, or the number of field goals a kicker will nick. These bets can reward you handsomely if you feel that a particular player is a slow starter who comes around eventually. One thing to note is that higher payouts are a direct product of a bet that is less likely to happen.


Live betting gives you a chance to transform your single bets into parlays if you wish. For instance, you can bet on a trend that seems more likely to occur continuously. You can decide to place an additional bet on the original one after the game has started to maximize your possible winnings. Numerous sportsbooks allow you to create new parlays with in-game betting.

Advantages of In-game Betting

Live betting comes with profound benefits. First, you can decide to observe the game before you choose to place a bet. It gives you ample time to evaluate a game scenario, and if you like a team that is playing to win, you can make up your mind to bet on that particular team. Live betting also gives you a chance to bet on multiple match scenes. You have an opportunity to capitalize your bet on different occasions, unlike the traditional betting that restricted bettors on one outcome.

In-game betting also gives a gamer a chance to change mind. Let us say statistics indicate that a particular team will lose. However, a few minutes into the game, the said team performs incredibly while the supposedly great team performs poorly. You can start betting based on the information gathered after the starting of a match. Betway in-play betting allows you to bet at any minute, provided the match has not ended.

Punters have a better opportunity of winning big courtesy of live betting. The information gathered during a match is more reliable than most statistics given before the starting of a game. But there is no assurance you will always win with a live bet. A performing player might be substituted or develop an injury in the middle of a match, which may cripple the performance of the team. Anything is bound to happen, and winnings are not a guarantee all the time.