How does Tottenham’s stats compare to their rivals this season?

(AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

It may be fair to say this has not been a vintage season for the Lilywhites and with the season currently suspended, who knows whether it will be complete?

One thing we do know though is that despite all the reason doom and gloom, Spurs are not completely out of the frame and with the enforced break upon us, anyone looking to make a bet on Spurs may want to check out as despite the wobble, there is still value to be had out of Jose Mourinho’s men.

But before you do, you may want to read on and see for yourself where Tottenham sit in the all-important statistics compared to their rivals.

Goals scored

Harry Kane’s injury woes this season have been particularly noticeable this season although despite this, the Lilywhites are still the fifth highest scorers in the league with 47.

That puts Mourinho’s men above the likes of Wolves, Manchester United and Arsenal but perhaps a little more worrying, twenty-one shy of Manchester City.

Goals conceded

Tottenham’s issues are clearly highlighted in defence as no side inside top nine has conceded more than Tottenham’s 40.

By contrast, league leaders Liverpool have conceded only 21 goals and Sheffield United have conceded 15 fewer than Spurs shipping just 25.

Home table

Tottenham sit eighth in the Premier League table stands but if only home games counted then the Lilywhites would actually be fifth, just three points off Manchester United in fourth. Mourinho’s men also boast a plus 12 goal difference at the new White Hart Lane so it is not all doom and gloom…..

Away table

…until you look at the away table that is. In fifteen away games this season, Spurs have only won three times with six draws and six defeats. That leaves them in eleventh place in the away game only table and to make matters worse, with a negative five goal difference.

Clean sheets

We don’t mean to be negative, but you deserve to know the facts. Tottenham joint bottom of the clean sheet stats having only shut the opposition out four times this season. That is the same as the relegation threatened pair of Aston Villa and Bournemouth.

Through balls

Let’s look on the slightly brighter side shall we. Tottenham have two players in the top ten when it comes to playing attacking through balls. Surprisingly, Toby Alderweireld sits in joint fifth with 12 and Harry Kane shares ninth spot with 10. At last, some good news.


We are pleased to say the Tottenham squad have been a fair bunch this season with no Spurs players inside the top 20 for committing fouls. However, as a twist of fate would have it, three red cards in the season is the same as eight other clubs in the league and the joint highest.


This is an area where the Lilywhites have been decidedly average this season making 14425 passes in their 29 games so far. It may sound a lot, but when you consider Manchester City top this table with 18925 passes, a gulf starts to appear.

Tottenham are nestled in seventh place just below Manchester United but perhaps more importantly, just above Arsenal who have made 14199.