Former Premier League Star Struggles with Gambling and Alcohol Addiction

A former Premier League footballer and Hot Spurs star, now representing Sierra Leone, has candidly revealed his past issues with gambling and alcohol during his time with clubs like Tottenham, Liverpool, and Southampton. On the Under the Cosh podcast, Caulker opened up about betting on the opposing team when he wasn’t in the starting line-up, describing a deplorable incident where he placed a bet on Newcastle to win after being dropped for the opening game of the season against them by then-Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas.

The sportsman now acknowledges that no form of gambling should ever be tolerated, even if you play on the safest online gambling sites. He wishes he had known that before.

Caulker admitted, “That was where I was at. It was young and stupid; my head was just full of rage. I sat there thinking, these are my teammates. I wanted them to win, but my bet…and that’s where I realized I was immature. It was the heat of the moment, and I lashed out. I feel ashamed for this incident.”

He acknowledged that his impulsive behavior would not be tolerated in today’s game and has gained perspective on his past actions, acknowledging they led to missed opportunities. The footballer, who emerged from Tottenham’s academy, spent time at various clubs, including QPR, Swansea, Cardiff, and teams in Turkey. He recently returned to the UK, signing with Wigan earlier this year.

Caulker’s personal struggles extended beyond gambling, as he turned to alcohol when dealing with rejection, especially during his time at Spurs. His excessive drinking often led to distressing situations, including problems with police and waking up in custody, hospitals, or on the streets. The anxiety that followed would sometimes drive him to drink again, resulting in regrettable incidents like arriving at training while still under the influence of alcohol and vomiting in the toilets during time outs.