Footballers Turned into Poker Players

Football and poker share some similarities that many people aren’t aware of. Apart from being competitive and strategic, both games are games of adrenaline. Players enjoy taking risks and revel in the high-octane thrills.

It’s no surprise, then, that some ex-footballers take to poker after their playing careers end. Notable names who’ve made the switch to the card game include:

Tomas Brolin

Surprisingly, since the 50s, only one Swedish football player has ever made it to an All-star World Team. The player’s name is Tomas Brolin, who was awarded a place in the team on the back of his impressive performances in the 1994 world cup.

Tomas made a surprising switch toPoker when at the peak of his career at 28. His move to Leeds United went downhill because he was regularly occurring strange incidents. Labeled a flop, he faced ridicule from fans.

Since turning to poker, he has taken part in some major tournaments and he’s a regular in European tours. Although he’s yet to win a major event, Tomas has made a respectable income from the game. For modern poker players, improving your skills with poker training sites is essential if you want to get results of this level.

Teddy Sheringham

Teddy Sheringham is widely regarded as one of the best English strikers of his generation. In a 25 year playing career, Sheringham plied his trade in 6 different top-flight teams. He had a successful Manchester United career, winning one Champions League cup and two Premier Leagues.

After retiring in 2008, the former Spurs player has become a regular in worldwide poker competitions. Due to his illustrious football career, he’s a popular figure in the poker scene.

It’s estimated he’s racked up at least $300k in card rooms, with his largest win coming in 2010 when he walked away with $127k at an event in Europe. In 2012, Sheringham took a break from the felt to pursue success as a football manager.

Tony Cascarino

Tony Cascarino played professionally for several French and British teams, such as Marseille, Chelsea, and Milwall. An Ireland international, he participated in the 1988 Euros and was deployed as a forward in the 1990 and 1994 world cups.

During his playing days, he had an interest in gambling. Changing this interest to actual successes, he started his poker journey in 2006. He made an appearance on the popular TV show called Celebrity Poker Club and commentated on partypoker.

He’s good friends with Sheringham, and similarly to his mate, he’s made a respectable income from the game. In total, Tony has been able to earn over USD 590,000 in tournament winnings. He received£168k after beating all his competitors in the GUKPT Grand Final.

Jan Vang Sorensen

Another player forced to retire early, Jan Vang Sorensen said goodbye to his footballing career at 30. He played for Odense in the Danish league; a league not known for its lucrative player contracts. Supplementing your footballing income with other ventures is common in the league, and Sorensen honed his skills while traveling with the squad for away matches.

Although he’s not the biggest footballer name in this list, he’s had one of the most successful poker careers of any ex-footballers. Aged 60 years, he’s won over $2 million from playing poker.