FIFA 21: How will Spurs’ players be rated?

So with FIFA 21 due out on 9th October we thought we’d take a look through how the Spurs players might look on the new edition. After an average season it might not be great reading for us Spurs fans!

Lloris: 88 > 87

A mixed season for the skipper with plenty of flaps early in the season, one of which ended up in a broken arm! Post-lockdown Hugo has been impressive but not enough to chop one off his FIFA rating

Gazzaniga: 75 > 77

The Argentinian deputised well when Lloris was out and proved he’s a worthy backup. The handsome Paolo can have two extra points for his decent work.

Vertonghen: 87 > 84

Who knows whether the fantastic Belgian servant will be at the club next year but limited game time probably indicates he won’t. Historically an annoyance on FIFA with Jan’s ability not matched by his ability to get anywhere near Wissam Ben Yedder in game.

Alderweireld: 87 > 85

Another with less game time but the younger Belgian is likely to stay at Spurs and although his place will not be guaranteed next season. A few mistakes this season mean his rating gets a bit of a chop.

Sanchez: 83 > 84

Sanchez looks like a Mourinho favourite for his pace and strength… key assets as we know on FIFA!If he gets any kind of increase he’ll be a very handy player in the next edition.

Rose: 80 > 79

Unlikely to be at Spurs next year but an 80 rating for someone who had just played a Champions League Final was pretty criminal imo!That said if he’s at Newcastle or elsewhere full time next year expect it to drop even more, even though I still think he’s decent in real life.

Aurier: 79 > 78

Some shocking mistakes in a Spurs shirt this season, in a shirt that he has held all season due to injuries and lack of cover at right back.Despite this once again pace and some strength mean he’s still not too bad on the game!

Davies: 79 > 79

Another Mourinho favourite who has had a solid season and will probably hold his rating. Cracking left foot and solid defensively but for those who like their full backs to bomb on he might not be the best option?

Foyth: 74 > 77

Another criminal underrating from the bods at FIFA HQ for a lad that played in the Copa America Final last year.A season blighted by injury means his likely move to right back and progress has been stunted but surely he has to move up from a 74? He plays with Messi!

Walker Peters: 74 > 75

A successful loan spell at Southampton should mean KWP’s rating rises but time will tell whether he comes back to Spurs where the right back spot is up for grabs.Still not sure I fancy him up against Mane in game though!

Tanganga: 65 > 75

Massive increase incoming for Tanganga who broke into the first team under Mourinho and might have been more if he managed to avoid injury post-lockdown.Yet another vying for that right back spot and has all the makings of a future star on FIFA with pace, power and energy.

Alli: 84 > 84

Dele is a tricky one as he’s been in and out and gets some stick from rival fans but he’s actually had 8 goals and 4 assists in 24 Prem appearances this year which isn’t awful from a deeper position.Reckon his rating hold because he might market the game well for EA Sports!

Lo Celso: 83 > 85

One bright spot of an otherwise average Spurs season is the Argentine midfield maestro with his technical ability, workrate and a decent turn of pace.He might not be a big goalscorer but surely in for a rise and a pace upgrade? If he doesn’t and Fernades at United gets a 90 card for scoring a few against pub teams we riot!

Sissoko: 81 > 83

Surely an upgrade for Moussa? Player of the Season at Spurs last year reaching a Champions League Final and he got an 81 card?!!!!Although his card was an 81 he’s a beast in-game and if he remains or somehow gets even more playable he’ll be massive!

Ndombele: 81 > 81

He should be a top FIFA player with his skills, acceleration and strength but his first season at Spurs has been massively disappointing. He’ll be lucky if his rating stays at 81 and if his stamina is above 65 the EA Sports lot have been having too many lockdown beers! Lamela 80 > 80Lamela has once again been in and out of the side and although Mourinho seems to like his attitude his output is not consistent enough to challenge at the top.In FIFA a wide attacking player needs something pretty special if they don’t have pace and although his workrate and stamina should be very high it’s not that sexy!

Winks: 80 > 80

Another whose performances have been a little hit and miss in a season where Spurs fans wanted him to kick on and dominate the ball in games. His lack of physicality makes him one of those midfielders that’s pretty useless in the game. It’s no shame when Modric is a 90 and nobody uses him in FUT!

Dier: 79 > 79

Dier has just signed a new contract and is definitely a Mourinho style player with his physicality and determination. If he reverts to a central defender in the game he’ll look like he’s towing a caravan when you’re chasing back!

Gedson: 76 > 76

Has barely featured for Spurs apart from very late cameos in a few games meaning his rating likely won’t move too far.Could almost be a half decent FIFA player if he got a few games under his belt. Maybe FIFA 22?

Sessegnon: 75 > 76

Another one with a season full of injuries meaning his breakthrough will have to wait.EA Sports might give him a cheeky upgrade though as he’ll probably turn up to the launch event!

Skipp: 67 > 73

Skipp must have loved Mourinho coming in as a player who doesn’t shirk a challenge and battles for every ball.A nice upgrade incoming for the youngster but he may have to move on to get more game time and get an even higher card?

Kane: 89 > 89

ANOTHER who has suffered major injuries this season but as ever Kane somehow manages to score a hatful when he gets a run of games.In game let’s just give him a pace upgrade to make it a more realistic so I stop shouting “HE’S NOT THAT SLOW IN REAL LIFE” as Harry Maguire reels him in!

Son: 87 > 89

Spurs Player of the Season and scorer of some quality goals when Mourinho plays him up front rather than left back!On the game if he gets a bit of an upgrade and keeps his 5 star weak foot he’ll be an absolute joke!

Moura: 83 > 84

Lucas has featured plenty for Spurs, another benefiting from Jose’s love of attitude and work rate, although his output could be better.Another in the game with his raw pace and wriggly style who is probably a bit OP in FIFA 20 but let’s see what the new meta is… probably won’t change much!

Bergwijn: 82 > 83

Couple of big goals for Spurs against the Manchester clubs in the league after his arrival and although not a guaranteed starter looks a threat at times.Another with pace, dribbling and skill who could be good on FIFA 21!