Dani Alves: Gareth Bale, a player I love!

Barcelona star Dani Alves has revealed his admiration for Gareth Bale and says that the Welshman should be played more as a left-back than a left-winger.

The Brazilian international declared that he himself is not only a right-back. The 28-year old told The Guardian: “In the Brazilian school, the emphasis is on attacking, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a full-back.

“Take Gareth Bale, a player I love. He’s a full-back in the Brazilian mould, he has a similar idea.

“In Europe [Spurs] play him as a winger, but in my team he’d always be a full-back. People get scared and play attacking full-backs as wingers.

“They think they will attack more, but often they attack less and less well.

“It happened with Roberto Carlos: as a winger, he was less effective, he needs to start his run sooner. Bale is more skillful and good as a winger, but at Barcelona he would be a full-back.”