Berbatov: I love the club

Anyone remember the following quotes?

“I want to play for Tottenham, that’s it really. I am going nowhere. I’ve been here for so long and for me to do well at this club means everything. When you look at Tottenham, the talent is unbelievable, the stadium’s lovely and all the ingredients are there.”

Yes, from none-other than from Mr. Sol Campbell.

Dimitar Berbatov’s statement today reminded me of Mr. Campbell and how much he said he wanted to remain at Spurs.

Of course, I’m not suggesting Berbatov will ever stoop as low as Mr. Campbell, but with the quotes from Dimitar’s father and brother, in addition to the Bulgarian’s performances and body language, he certainly doesn’t come across as a player who is committed and giving his all for the club.

Dimitar’s father Ivan reportedly told Bulgarian television: “My son doesn’t feel happy at Tottenham any more and wants to leave.”

The striker’s brother Asen reportedly said: “He has outgrown Spurs. He needs to find a bigger club. I think this next season he will go to a bigger club. Next season he will be in a club playing in the Champions League.

“In my opinion, Tottenham are OK. In Manchester [United], though, things will be better. I think it is his time to go. There is nothing more to do at Spurs. My brother is feeling depressed.”

Today’s the striker told Spurs’ official website: “I don’t like to speak too much and don’t like to be in the spotlight or the papers. I just want to play football.

“There has been a lot of stuff written about me leaving. I haven’t said anything until now, but they are now involving my family and I cannot allow that. When somebody is writing lies about my family I must get involved.

“I am my own man, when I want to speak I will and I will tell you the truth no matter how hard it is. That is why I am talking now.

“I want to let everyone know that I am a Tottenham Hotspur player, I love the club and everyone at the club. I don’t always smile so much, but that does not make me a bad person.

“I don’t smile because we are near the bottom of the table and have not been playing well – I have not been playing well either.

“The worst thing is when someone starts writing lies and when people see that they start to believe it. That really is the worst thing.

“I just want to say that I am here, I am happy here and I will help the club in any way I can.”

He added: “The fans love the club and they have been behind me ever since my first game. I appreciate them the most and I want to tell them that I am not going anywhere.

“I have a contract and I will give my best, for now it is not going so well for me because all the writing in the papers has been messing with my head and I lost my concentration.

“I don’t want to see my name in the papers anymore – I just want to play football and enjoy myself. When I see things in the paper with somebody telling lies about my father, how can I be calm? I am disappointed and I don’t understand how somebody can write something like that – it is a lie.

“Bringing my family into it is the biggest sin.”

I think Berbatov needs to back up his words by giving the performances that we all know he is capable of. If not, then time for him to move on.