Barnes: Bale’s adapted his game to become world-class

Former England and Liverpool winger John Barnes has made some interesting and insightful comments about Gareth Bale and his game.

Barnes, now 48, told Spurs’ official website: “He’s adapted his game to become world-class.

“Was he a left-back? Was he a left winger? A left-sided midfielder? I think he’s found his true position, he’s found his true pattern, his method and he’s been sensational for the last two years.”

He continued: “You can’t tie him down to a particular position or particular type of player. Is he a winger? Well, we’ve all seen him score goals from the middle.

“He’s an all-round athlete, an intelligent footballer and Tottenham are getting the best out of him.”

Barnes, who played 79 times for England, says the Welshman’s decision making has improved hugely. He said: “The right decision is when to pass, when to dribble, when to run. What happened a lot – and it happened with me at times and maybe with him earlier in his career – when he got the ball, he probably felt he had to do something special.

“What’s happening now is that he’s making the right decisions. When there are two men on him, there is a spare man somewhere, and if you move the ball quickly you can find that spare man.

“He’s now making those decisions. Maybe he won’t be as eye-catching in every game in terms of beating four players, but he’s still contributing to the team in helping them be successful.”