Barcelona and Manchester City want Gareth Bale?

Gareth Bale has a big game coming up in the FA Cup, so what happens? Yes, the media start all the transfer rumours again.

Barcelona are the club for the millionth time reportedly interested in the Welsh international. The story apparently originates from the Spanish media, who are well known for helping clubs prise key players away from clubs abroad.

Barca apparently are willing to pay a measly £30million for the winger, which is doubtful to be an attractive offer for Spurs.

Gareth has also today been linked with a move to Manchester City, the source of the story is unsure, however with it being Sunday, a newspaper is most likely as being the culprit.

City are said to be willing to pay up to £50million for Bale, whether that would be tempting for Spurs, only time will tell over the coming months.