4 Players That Spurs Should Consider Signing

Since Mourinho took over the manager spot at Tottenham, things have started to brighten up. The club is slowly reaching the potential that it had last season and it’s back on the winning track. Although there’s still a lot more to be done, we can rest assured that we are in the hands of an experienced manager who is capable of achieving greatness in the club. There are many expectations from Jose, but we have no doubt that he’ll live up to them

The past 2 months have been a bit problematic for the team though. Some players have decided to leave, while some are struggling with injuries. Few transfers during the summer are a must and we decided to give our opinion on who should Spurs sign. But before we unveil our top 4 picks, let’s check out what are the odds for Tottenham for this season.

Spurs’ Odds

Pretty much all football fans know who will win the Premier League, so it’s pointless to check the odds on that topic. What we can do is check the odds for Tottenham winning the CL, having the top scorer in the league and the international tournaments and see what their odds are for qualifying for the CL next season.

 Spurs’ odds of winning the Champions League are 22/1. The club is among the top 10 favourites to lift the trophy. Son is also on the list of players that are most likely to be top scorers, his odds are 100/1.

As far as the top scorer in the PL goes, Harry Kane was among the top 3 favourites to receive the Golden Boot, but his recent injury drastically lowered his chance of being the top scorer. As of right now, his odds are 200/1. But, Tottenham’s odds of finishing in the top 4 this season excellent – 11/4. They also share the same odds with Chelsea as the top London club – 2/1. The top UK online bookies have much more betting options and they are worth a check.

Let’s see which players would be ideal for Tottenham.

Wilfred Zaha

Zaha is the most dominant player at Crystal Palace. He’s shown us that he has excellent ball control, speed, tremendous crosses, and great shots. He would be a perfect fit into the squad. He’s still young and is yet to reach his full potential.

Jack Grealish

The whole UK has been going mad when talking about Jack Grealish. Aston Villa’s CAM is often compared to some legendary players like Gerrard and Lampard. He would be the perfect player to replace Christian Eriksen, refresh the midfield and provide great support for the strikers.  

Gareth Bale

At this point, Gareth Bale is roasting Real Madrid every chance he gets. Everybody knows that he holds the leverage over the club and has no intention to die on the pitch for them. However, that is different when we mention Tottenham. Recently, he’s been heavily linked with a possible return and the club would be more than happy to have him. Bale can be a crucial part in Spurs’ battle for the Premier League next season.

Nathan Aké

Lastly, we have another youngster who is set to have a tremendous career. Nathan Aké is a Dutch centre-back that plays for Bournemouth. Every major club in Europe is keeping close tabs on the 24-year-old, Tottenham included. Since the club requires refreshment in the defence, Aké can be a very good asset for the club’s present and future. The good part about him is that he’s very flexible with his positions and he’s able to play as a right or left-back. Nathan’s current market value is around £32 million.