2022 FIFA World Cup: 11 Spurs Players To Appear In Qatar

The 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is generally held during the summer, was moved to the fall due to the exceptionally high temperatures in Qatar, and it began on November 20 and will end on December 18, 2022.

Some of the places in Qatar where the World Cup will be held include Khalifa International Stadium, Stadium 974, Al Bayt Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, etc. While the thrill and fun are felt all over Qatar as the World Cup games opened, the hype was heightened by the players who undoubtedly showcase their best plays to bring their team a step closer to the finals. 

Most of the World Cup superstars are expected to appear in Qatar include the Tottenham players from the Spurs. This team houses a roster of  the most talented soccer players. That said, here are some of the Spurs players to look forward in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Some of these players also hold the best Golden Boot an top-scorer odds in the World Cup sports betting online leatherboards. 

Hugo Lloris

Hugo’s 10th season with Spurs was the 2021/22 season, and it was another memorable one for the captain as he guided the team back into the Champions League while recording a personal best 16 clean sheets. 

Along with David de Gea of Manchester United, he played every minute of the team’s 38 Premier League games to conclude the season as an ever-present. His 3,420 minutes played were a season high for 2021–2022.

Harry Kane

No one has noticed that Harry Kane is off to his best start of the year. This is because many fans still believe that Erling Haaland is more talented. But this season, he had accomplished one assist, and nine goals out of eleven Premier League plays. Not only that, but he also recorded an assist and a goal during the Champions League. 

Eric Dier 

Eric made an immediate impression during UEFA Champions League in 2021/22. season, but once Antonio Conte took over in November 2021, he assigned him to the crucial position of the center defender of three centre-backs in Antonio’s 3-4-3 formation, a position in which he excelled. 

He played in 40 games across all leagues including 35 Premier League games in 2021–2022, helping the team keep eight clean sheets in our final 14 games en route to fourth place. Eric made 319 appearances for us in all competitions before the end of the season.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg

With Lloris’s France, Tunisia, and Australia in their group along with his team Denmark, this middle player has been one of Spurs Tottenham’s standout talents this year. 

Looking into his Premier League statistics, Højbjerg played fourteen times, recording three goals and two assists. If he continues to display exemplary performance, his team will have a trip to the finals. 


Richarlison, a veteran player for Brazil who was worried about his participation following a recent injury, but he’s the most excited to return to his team’s starting lineup. Now that he’s back, his team can now walk on the field with high hopes and chances to win every game they compete. 

As he continues to play today, we’ll find out if he’s a striker who can lead Brazil to the World Cup Final in a group that includes Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon. 

Ivan Perisic 

During the summer draft, Ivan Perisic served as a key player for the Croatia National Team. He is one of the versatile Spurs players that can pull off any game he’s into. 

During the Euro 2020, he helped his team to get into the group stage, earning one assist and two goals. Despite the loss to Spain in the group stage due to COVID, Persic and his team joined the Qatar FIFA party for more breathtaking games. 

Rodrigo Bentancur 

Rodrigo Bentacur’s interceptions are done with style. On the pass targeted for Aaronson in the Spurs box, Bentancur leaped like a gazelle at the 55-minute mark. He made this before his two goals, which gave the Spurs the victory.

Heung-Min Son

Heung-Min Son, the talisman of South Korea, will be the team’s captain despite having surgery for an eye socket fracture. He is playing No.7 for Spurs, where fans can see him as another surprising player who can light up the World Cup stage. 

In the past World Cups, Heung-Min Son recorded three goals in six matches. His first goal was tallied in 2014, and he made another two in Russia in 2018. 

Joe Rodon 

The defender, who is presently on contract with Rennes after finding it difficult to fit in at Spurs, will accompany Ben Davies within the Wales team.

Dejan Kulusevski 

It could be a shame that Kulusevski won’t have his chance this year, despite the fact that many excellent players won’t be attending the World Cup due to Sweden’s failure to qualify. 

In the FIFA World Cup 2022, Dejan Kulusevski can be a surprising player that mayhelp his team win against some of the best teams today. 

Christian Romero 

Romero has a strong track record. In all of his twelve appearances for his team, he remained unbeaten, which had helped Argentina’s 35-match winning streak. Despite having injury problems, Romero is giving his best and for his team in  Argentina to walk into the finals. 

Final Thoughts 

Many North London team players are expected to compete for their country in Qatar 2022. Although some of the Spurs players have injury issues, it won’t stop them from playing in the 2022 World Cup. With some of the Tottenham Spurs players appearing in Qatar,  the fun and excitement of each game are indeed tripled.