Mark Hughes: Bale should postpone Barcelona transfer

Former Wales national manager Mark Hughes, who managed Queens Park Rangers to a 1-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur yesterday, says Gareth Bale should hold off any Barcelona transfer for the time being.

Hughes, who played for Barcelona for two years in the 80s, said: “He is still a young man – I think he still has a lot to achieve in the Premier League and I’m sure he is enjoying his football and his life in the Premier League at the moment. He has a huge profile and has no reason to go so young.

“He is playing at a good club that are challenging for honours. I think when he is asked the question he answers it honestly and says that in the future that is what he might like to do but I don’t think he is anticipating moving any time soon.

“I went when I was young and it was probably a little bit too soon for me. Ideally if I had had the opportunity later I would have been more successful than I was. I think there is time for Gareth in the future if he thinks that is what he wants to do.

“I went when I wasn’t married and didn’t have any children and my life wasn’t as settled as it would have been at 26, 27, 28 and that always helps when you have that support.”

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